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Nov 12, 2013 6:00am EST
weymouth, massachusetts. chris and i met about nine years ago. when we were 17 years old. we met on a blind date. we were set up by a couple of our friends and we've been together, ever since. (chris) it was love at first sight, when we first met. would agree with that. the first thing i noticed about chris, was his body. he's always been very muscular and i love his arms. i thought he was a hottie. (chris) i knew, just because you get that feeling. you know, that butterfly in your stomach. it always makes you nervous, no matter how long you're together, you still get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. oh. that was the sweetest thing, i've ever heard. (announcer) despite the immediate and undeniable bond, nine years went by without a marriage proposal. so, one day, amanda got fed up with waiting. i proposed to chriby coming home with his wedding band along with the ring that i designed for myself. i gave him his ring and asked him to marry me. and then i handed him my ring and told him that he needed to ask me. when amanda came home, she, basically, just said, "i bought my ring. "surp
Nov 11, 2013 6:00am EST
'm gettinmarried april 12, 2008, at the saphire estate in sharon, massachusetts. it h taken us so long to get married because i think he's lazy and i let him be lazy for a long time. which makes you lazy. which does make me lazy. so it's your fault. (annouer) d ashe wedding proaches, this bride has taken lazy to a wle newevel. hone s, mam. amanda's definitely a bridilla. if she doesn't get wh she wants it usually hissy fits and complaining. he i just wanted your advice. (phone ringing) n you t that? do you see my pizza? if things don't go my way, i get very demanding. l rit, l's g- t in the c. i bitch. mom! i'm moving it, now. i ine. my wholeife is g to be in. cry... i n't want t be heranymore. ...until iet what i want. i want that beauful idge, i want tt gorgeousazebo, i want that beauful founta. they c expecmeo snapy fingers them. they can expect meo gevery demanng. and they're not going to like me if things don't go right. nnouer) so when the big day arris, will amaa believe the nine year wait was woh it? it is verymportant f things to go my way during the wedding. you' stressing me out--
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2